Canine Cancer Vaccine

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Senior Care  

Morehead Animal Hospital now has available the option to treat your dog with a cancer vaccine designed for all operable canine tumors. 

The vaccine (K9-ACV stands for Canine Autologous Cancer Vaccine) is prepared in the following manner: 
1- Your dog's tumor is surgically removed and shipped to MediVet.
2- MediVet labs extract the tumor cells and prepare the cancer vaccine.
3- Finished vaccine is shipped to Morehead Animal Hospital.
4- Dr. Bird administers the vaccine.

The treatment protocol involves three visits after your dog's initial surgery. During the treatment protocol your dog will receive an injection just under the skin. This visit is quick, easy and your pet goes home with you. 
The first vaccination is a priming dose and is boostered in 30 days and again at 60 days. At day 90 we begin monitoring for disease-free period and survival.

K9-ACV is not a drug and we do not expect any major side effects to occur. During the first 48 hours, your pet may experience mild fever, sleepiness or loss of appetite. You may observe the vaccine administration sites become slightly inflamed with minor redness and swelling where the vaccine was injected although this is expected to subside quickly. 

How successful will the vaccine be on the cancer in my pet?
The vaccine was designed from the success of treating human cancer patients with similiar immunotherapy approaches. In a recent publication 85% of patients displayed an increase response against their cancer post vaccination. Clinical success has been marked across many different cancer types. Success should be measured by the well being of your pet.

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